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Features Roadmap

What are the plans for the future ?


We have several features in our “wish list” that we have been evaluating. Based on the feedback we have received from our users, our top 5 most requested features are:

  • Embedding images: Extend the support of topics’ shape to either a list set of figures or any images defined by you.
  • Tablet devices support: Being able to fully edit maps on IPad or Android Tablets.
  • Adding task related info to topics: In the same way that notes and links can be associated to a topic, providing the ability to associate to task information related to progress and priorities.
  • Realtime concurrent edition: Provide an edition experience similar to Google Docs, reflecting real time modification when multiple user are working over a map.
  • Administration Console: For the on premise installation, provide an administration console for tasks such as delete users, remove maps, etc.

I love it. When will those features be ready ?

WiseMapping development team is composed of a small group of people without financial support of any company. it’s here where you become an important part of this equation. Supporting a feature with your donation is the main drive we use to prioritize the features to be included in the product.

How can I sponsor a feature ?

Some of the features you are using have been sponsored by people like you. You can make a donation using PayPal. WiseMapping Team would really like to thank the following people:

Features Sponsors:

  • Tarjei Huse: Finance the decoupling of mindmap editor
  • AppStylus S.L.U: Support for FreemMind 0.9
  • Flavio Tosi
  • Maksymilian Musiał
  • Aaron Hayden
  • Lope Andres Florez Weidinger
  • Ryan Grush

Be part of this list clicking on the donate button .

If there is a feature that you need and it is not in WiseMapping, contact us at

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