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Download WiseMapping software to use it internally

Concerned about security?


If security is very important to you, download WiseMapping and install it in your own server! It can't be more secure than this, and these are the reasons:

In Your Servers

  • You can configure any security measure that you want since it is in your own servers.
  • You are responsible for making backups
  • Can configure different credentials validation systems

It's Open Source

There are no secrets in our code. You can look at it, to verify that we are not reading your maps, nor sending information anywhere. WiseMapping is Open Source project initiative. You can find more details here:

Is there any special feature that you'd like to have?


If there is a feature that you need and it is not in WiseMapping, contact us at

If you like WiseMapping Help Us!

WiseMapping is not supported by any company. You can help us donating money, sponsoring features or requesting customizations!

If you feel that WiseMapping helps you, help us make WiseMapping even better!

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